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Driven by a passion for patrimony and for cities, we are naturally interested in sites and buildings steeped in history, be it architectural, urban or industrial. In the context of ever evolving towns and cities, our motivation is to help create the city of the future through renovation, whether by rehabilitating rundown neighbourhoods, transforming abandoned industrial sites or finding new functions for prestigious buildings.


It was in 1935 that the Belgian Government decided to build, on the rue des Palais, what was to be the famous “Hôtel RTT” (Telephone and Telegraph House), designed by the architect Michel Polak (Résidence Palace, Hôtel Empain). On a site covering one hectare, Michel Polak designed more than 25 000 m2 of unusual elegance. The beautiful layout of the corridors, the sober elegance of the reception rooms, the beauty of the bronze sash windows and the charm of the delightful observation and experimentation turrets – originally intended for research into suppressing radio interference - make this a unique, historic and important building. Now totally restored, the building offers a combination of office space, loft apartments and a business centre. Special attention has been paid to the interior’s details, retaining the original features of the stylish halls and staircases and handcrafted window frames. The gardens have been redesigned to create a communal green area, the Parc ReineVerte, and a private garden.

Client : AM Rue des Palais (CIT Blaton - JCX Immo - Immo Jaspe)
Client’s representative: JCX Gestion
Architect : Assar
Contractor: CIT Blaton