JCX – 25 Drève Du Prieuré – 1160 Brussels – Belgium – T. +32 (0)2 660 65 56
The job

Our job is to design and create property development projects. Unlike a “property agent”, we assume our share of the risk in the projects we develop. We commit ourselves to comprehensive construction and renovation programmes by creating and coordinating complex and rewarding partnerships that bring together designers, builders, investors and the public authorities engaged in urban development.

The experience

The experience of an entrepreneur. Founded in 1994, JCX is headed by Sophie Le Clercq, whose family history includes over a century of construction expertise. She is President of the Board of Directors of CIT-Blaton, a company founded more than 50 years ago by her grandfather Émile Blaton, himself one of a long line of builders.


Updated requirements The coherence of our projects is not based solely on their aesthetic or patrimonial value. Sites that are intimately rooted in the urban fabric can acquire a new operating rationale or use. Together with our partners, we seek to reinvent building occupancy to create a living environment that meets the expectations of modern town-dwellers.

  • - 01.10.2018

    CO & WORKING SPACE: offices to let !!! The Duke space has expanded to become THE NESTWORK. 119 places, new design, superb lounges, more services. Join the community!

  • - 04.09.2017

    Tervuren 419 : the provisional acceptance of the building took place, the building has been delivered.

  • - 25.05.2017

    BELLA VITA : The project is 100% sold.

  • - 01.07.2016

    Namur 59 : The Brussels-Capital Region is now housed in the building custom-developed according to his specific needs.

  • - 09.05.2016

    DUCUROIR : 100% housing sold.