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Economic activity


Towns that are business centres are in constant need of new spaces dedicated to economic activities (offices, production, etc.). Our goal is to offer the property market products that are extremely competitive in terms of space versatility, location (well served by public transport) and operating costs (especially energy costs). As for our housing projects, we favour site renovation over new construction. Our property developments are designed to meet all requirements and can be adapted easily for other purposes. The spaces are designed to meet the precise needs of the occupant, employing the optimal technology for the purpose. The former Diamant Boart building on the Avenue du Pont de Luttre in Forest, for example, was totally converted for the SPF Finances printing facilities.


Our aim is to create diversified projects, which lend themselves to conventional office activities (The Cocof offices on the Rue des Palais), industrial activities (the Gutenberg project), business creation structures (“M Village” in Schaerbeek) or business host structures (the Rue de Birmingham). Whenever possible we also try to preserve heritage by converting existing premises into office space. One example of this is the renovation of the manor house at 19 Drève du Prieuré, converted into prestigious office space.


In stimulating life and activity, mixed office and production spaces create magnet areas in city centres. According to an article published in The Financial Times that mentions the Centre for Contemporary Art in particular, the different aspects of the Van Volxem project completely fulfil this purpose. For some time already the public authorities have shown a readiness to invest in such projects in partnership with economic players. For some major programmes we enter into partnerships with the public authorities (PPPs), as with the SDRB (Brussels Regional Development Agency) for example.