JCX – 25 Drève Du Prieuré – 1160 Brussels – Belgium – T. +32 (0)2 660 65 56

Our values

A responsible commitment

We share solid and deeply held values. Our ethical commitment reconciles the profit incentive with concern for the interests of the community, expressed in the aesthetic and technical quality of the projects we initiate as well as their integration into the physical, social and cultural environment.

Our values

- the protection and showcasing of the patrimony
- respect for the environment
- project integration into the social and urban fabric
- building aesthetics
- project sustainability
- project profitability


As an active participant in town planning, we welcome the opportunity to be involved in events that celebrate urban life, such as the Patrimony Days and “Bruxelles ma ville ma découverte”. We also participate in actions to sponsor and highlight the patrimony, for example financing a series of thematic exhibitions organized by the Fondation pour l’Architecture.